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Mirena Awareness petitie

Geplaatst: 05-02-2009 18:14
door Claudia
Op deze site kun je de petitie ondertekenen die pleit voor volledige informatie over de bijwerkingen aan de pati├źnte die de Mirena laat plaatsen (of al heeft).

Waar de petitie om gaat:

The intention of this petition is to ensure all Mirena users, both potential and current, receive a full list of the adverse reactions associated with the use of Mirena. Not only do they have a right to make informed choices about their birth control, but they also require this information, so that when side effects arise, they are able to be properly diagnosed

Het doel is om tenminste 25000 handtekeningen te halen dus doe jullie best :D :wink:

(met dank aan Mo)

Geplaatst: 17-05-2009 23:32
door Deboor

Geplaatst: 30-01-2010 14:05
door mo
De petitie is inmiddels gesloten. Hij wordt door de initiatiefneemster naar de FDA gestuurd en verder naar zoveel mogelijk persbureaus.

Ze bedankt iedereen die heeft getekend.

THANK YOU to all who have had taken the time to sign the Mirena Awareness Petition, and also to those that took the time to read these testaments.

It is our mission that the sometimes tragic, but always heartfelt, stories shared over the last year will have meaning to those who can make changes, those who (most of whom) have no idea of what these many families have gone through. Our petition will be sent to the appropriate authority at the FDA. Additionally, we will reach out to as many news agencies as possible to let others know of the testament signed here. We will get the word out, and without all of you it would not have been possible.

The most difficult part for us closing this petition is knowing that it will no longer be a resource for women with unanswered questions (or a place to speak out, or make a difference). However, our primary responsibility is to all of you, and to uphold the commitment we made to you, by getting this to the FDA. We will do our best to continue the collection of signatures through another venue.

For those of you looking to take further action, as expressed in many of your comments, it has come to our attention that an American law firm is looking to form a new class action lawsuit against Mirena/Bayer. However, it needs to be clear, the women of S.O.M.E. cannot endorse this or any other legal group. We do feel, however, that any attention to this may possibly be beneficial to many women throughout the world. If you are an American, and would like further information, you may visit the website of Brian T. Goldenfarb http// and make your own decisions at that point.

Wishing all of you healing and happiness with deepest gratitude and appreciation. Thank you for your courage. Together, we will make a difference!

Geplaatst: 21-02-2010 12:55
door mo
De maakster van de petitie heeft een deel 2 geplaatst, dus degenen die de petitie nog niet hadden getekend en dit graag willen doen, kunnen dit hier doen http//
Het is niet de bedoeling dat degenen die de vorige al hadden getekend, dit nog een keer doen.

Geplaatst: 01-01-2015 13:28
door lunabelle
Dear forum-members,

I need to write two post, so that I can publish a link here. So this is my first post. You'll find the link to the following petition as a second post in this underforum or as an answer to this post.

I already asked Mo to publish the petition in this forum. I'll do it in English and she can maybe translate, so that everybody understands.

They need 2000 votes till the 18th February 2015.

It would be really nice if you publish the petition also in other forums or facebook-groups, etc. so that it reaches a large amout of people :)


Geplaatst: 01-01-2015 13:28
door lunabelle
Second post.

Geplaatst: 01-01-2015 14:19
door mo

Dit is deel 2 van een eerdere petitie die naar de FDA in Amerika is gestuurd. Ze hebben voor 18 februari 2015 nog zo'n 900 stemmen nodig. Teken de petitie als je de eerste niet hebt getekend en geef de link door aan andere geïnteresseerden.