Risicomanagement anticonceptie

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Risicomanagement anticonceptie

Bericht door mo » 30-12-2008 19:47

Hier vind je een document over hormonale anticonceptie vanuit het oogpunt van risicomanagement voor verzekeraars

http//www.asstech.com/en/downloads/Newsletter ... s_engl.pdf

Er staan enkele interessante opmerkingen in, onder andere de volgende

Likewise, new types of contraceptive such as the intrauterine device (IUD)
Mirena® and the vaginal ring Nuvaring® have been criticised on account of their
negative risk-benefit ratio compared to traditional hormonal contraception
methods. Many medical experts point out that too little is known about the longterm
impact of these formulations.

The risk-benefit ratio of implantable systems should be scrutinised very carefully,
as these products may also be withdrawn from the market in the future.

It is currently standard medical procedure to advise women on a Mirena® implant as
an alternative to ligature of the fallopian tubes. We may therefore expect the
number of users to rise, and, consequently, the number of reports of severe side
effects to increase in tandem.

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