Mirena - The discontinuing story

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Mirena - The discontinuing story

Bericht door mo » 08-08-2009 14:35

De Britse gynaecoloog Ewies heeft onlangs weer een nieuw artikel gepubliceerd over het grote percentage Mirena-gebruiksters dat het spiraaltje voortijdig laat verwijderen vanwege onregelmatige bloedingen, pijn en/of systemische bijwerkingen van het progestageen. (Het gehele artikel is helaas alleen tegen betaling in te zien.)

Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine System (LNG-IUS) is licensed for use as a contraceptive, for the treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding and during estrogen replacement therapy. It is publicized as a local source of progestogen with minimal systemic adverse effects. However, there is overwhelming evidence of elevated serum and tissue levels of levonorgestrel, and high discontinuation and dissatisfaction rates amongst users. The guidelines of The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), United Kingdom recommended that the healthcare professionals should be aware that upto 60% of women discontinue using LNG-IUS within 5 years because of unscheduled bleeding, pain, and/or systemic progestogenic adverse effects. This article highlights these issues to healthcare professionals to ensure that the rates of adverse effects are not underestimated, and full information are made available to women to enable them making an informed choice.


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Bericht door Claudia » 09-08-2009 22:42

Bedankt Mo :D
Moeder van 4 kinderen, drie keer Mirena (in 2001, 2003 en 2007)

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